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There are a few different ways to hire the space, you may want to book ad-hoc hourly sessions that are invoiced monthly, or pay in advance for a half-day or a full-day.  Both of these options have discounts applied, saving you money and enabling you to book for a longer period of time.  You may be planning a course or a training day where break out rooms would be very useful, in this case, you may find hiring the whole building a better option for you. 

For regular hire, you will be given a key and a link to an online diary where you can book and manage your diary as you go. If you are booking training events or workshops we ask that you contact SJ and they will book for you ensuring that you have what you need on the day.  If you are supporting others therapeutically you may also be interested to know that at the space we run CPD training workshops and a 6 weekly peer supervision group that you can come along to.

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Covid 19 update sent to therapists on18th May 2020

A big hello you all, 


These days are zooming by,  as I seem to live on zoom right now it certainly does feel like they whiz past quickly! 

We are all doing fine, Reece and I had our daughter visit yesterday for a socially distanced garden chat, it was very hard to not 

give her a huge hug as we haven't seen her since February.  Putting that aside it was certainly lovely to see her in the flesh and not behind a screen.


We have had a few inquiries recently regarding re-opening, so we thought it would be a good idea to touch base with you all 

in regards to the opening plan going forwards.  


As you are aware the space has only been open for you to use for online sessions, however, from the 1st of June, we will be offering the space 

to hire for face to face sessions.   This is depending on the information released, but we feel that if the schools return in June and more workplaces open, then we feel that the 1-1 talking therapy hire can begin with clients who are not on the higher risk list. 


There are some health and safety restrictions to follow, these are the government guidelines of social distancing of 2 meters apart, which I am 

sure you have all come accustomed to now, and especially if you have been in the supermarkets recently!   


This week I plan to;


* Mark the 2-meter distance with a piece of tape, this will not be visible to your clients as it will be just under the foot of the chairs.  

This is to give you a guideline should a chair move out of place on where to place it.  Because of this, North will not be in use until we can lift the restrictions, there is enough distance apart with the chairs widened to as far as they can go, but I think the room is too small at this present time to 

use safely.  We will set up South for 1-1 and this will be for the same cost as the other rooms until we can reopen North, please book South as you would 

do the other rooms and I will manually change the cost to fit in with the other rooms when invoicing.  


* I will be marking the stairs and hallway with visible tape to give you and your clients a guide to respect when in the building.  This will not be bright yellow and black! 

I think it is important that we follow the guidelines, but the prompts are subtle to avoid raising people's stress levels.  So, you may need to prompt your client to follow the guidelines and ensure they are aware of respecting them.   This is important for you, your client and the other therapists in the building that we respect these, and ask you to guide your fellow colleagues if you feel they have overlooked them at any point, we can support each other with these changes.  


* The bathroom will have a paper towel dispenser with paper towels to dry hands instead of the cloth towels.  This is to reduce the passing of infection and these will be placed in the bathroom bin and emptied into the main recycling bin outside by tipping the contents into the recycling bin so you

do not need to touch them.   I plan to be around enough to do this, but if you do find the bathroom bin fuller than expected, this is the method we would like you to follow.  


* The bathroom will also have antibacterial hand wash, and I advise you to use this before and after each client and ask your clients to do the same, please. 


This will be a gradual reopen, starting with just 1-1 therapy that is following social distancing.  Other therapies that would normally require touch and close contact will not be able to start in this first phase back, we will follow the guidelines the government release later in June to update you on the situation and if we need to change anything we have put into place.  


The protocol we advise you to follow is;


Please do not enter the building if you or someone in your household has symptoms of the virus, you may wish to also remind your clients that they are also 

responsible for letting you know if they show symptoms at any stage. 

Greet your client for their first time arriving into the building to show them the new guidelines, but advise them to meet you in the room going forwards 

to reduce the number of people crossing paths in the corridors.  

Open your room door between each session to help the client enter the room without touching any handles, asking them if they have used the 

bathroom yet to wash there hands before starting your session. 

Please wash your hands before and after each client, asking your client to do the same as above when they arrive. 

Use anti bac wipes to wipe down areas used, for example; the coffee table, desk, tissue box, draw handles, light switches, and door handles

Use hand sanitiser, this is an option if you prefer, to washing your hands

Dispose of any used tissues between each session into a recyclable bag and out into the main bin outside of the building as you leave. 

Wash up your glasses in the kitchen with washing up liquid and dry before returning them to the room for the next person. 

When opening and closing, please use an anti-bac wipe from the kitchen to clean the alarm and handle after you have used it as you leave, and dispose 

of it in the main bin. 


If you are happy to restart seeing your clients face to face following these steps, I will need you to re-sign a new contract stating you agree to follow these guidelines.  I can send it to you via email, an electronic copy is fine and please keep your copy for your own reference.   I also advise you to check in with your professional body who you are a member with to see if they advise anything different, we are following the NCS guidelines with our steps that are 

in place and we welcome any other guidelines you feel should be in place during this time.  Please get in touch and I can review them in line with what we 

have set out to follow.  


The plan will hopefully look like this,


Phase 1 - Opening 1st of June for 1-1 with social distancing in place

Phase 2 - Expected to be July - further 1-1 that require closer contact ( I believe this will be in line with hairdressing re-opening)

This will also include reopening North as available to hire

Phase 3 - Expected to be July - Small groups to reopen who can social distance (Using South Only for extra space) 

Phase 4 - Expected September - Larger groups to reopen (over 10) 


This plan is subject to change, following the information given by the government and our relevant membership guidance.  I hope that this is clear for you, it has taken me a while  to write as I wanted to make sure we could do these steps safely and that I could get the paper towels, etc in time.  

If you want to have a chat about this plan please do get in touch with me on 07900 621217.  


The booking system is open,  should you wish to start making your future bookings.  If we get advice that a 2nd peak of the virus is upon us, then the bookings made will need to be reviewed by yourself and kept up to date to avoid the booking system charging you for ones you have not attended. Can I also remind you of the 15-minute change over that must be between each new therapist booking to avoid any cross over happening.  If you are arriving early to the space, please check the room is clear on the booking system before you arrive to avoid extra people in the building during this time, and there is a new policy of not storing bicycles in the building to help keep the space clearer.   

I recommend using outside areas near the building to store bikes or in the car park next door. 


I am excited to have a plan for returning but also apprehensive that it may change, but I remain positive and happy that we may have an opportunity to partially reopen soon! 




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