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Who ever you are...

however, you have found yourself here...
you are welcome in this space

We offer an easy-to-access counselling and mentoring service for children, young people and adults in Gloucestershire which can be face-to-face or online.


There are times when we all experience difficulties that become a struggle to manage on our own. At times like these, it can be helpful to talk to someone who can support you to

find your way forward.

Our Services Include:

Pay What You Can Counselling for adults and young people 

Creative Mentoring and Lego Therapy for children, young people and adults

Creative Change Makers mental health workshops 

Her Space - Support for women 

Identity Space - LGBTQIA+ mentoring and guidance 


All of our therapeutic services support mental health, inclusivity,

and emotional well-being.   

We are based at two locations, Cheltenham Town Centre,  and Kingsley House which is in-between Gloucester and Cheltenham near the A46, off Shurdington Road.   Some of our projects can take place in community settings and within organisations or schools. 


Our Services 

Therapy session

Pay what you can 


Support that is easy to access.  

Available for adults in Gloucestershire

The pay what you can fee is negotiated, depending upon your circumstances

Art Class



When words alone are not enough...

Creative support can open up

endless opportunities. 

Available for children,

young people, and adults

Colorful Couple

Gender, Sexuality, and diverse relationship LGBTQIA+

affirming support,  1-1

or group support, 

guide and grow hub,

counselling and mentoring for

young people and adults

Women in Black Shorts_edited.jpg



Emotional resilience-focused

regular groups, workshops

and courses. 

Available for children, young people and adults. Workshops can be held within organisations/schools or at one of our premises. 



           Supportive and welcoming  


Our Mission

At Essential Space,  we aim to always provide a welcoming, calm and safe environment. 


Our services creatively embrace inclusivity, supporting mental health, positive change, and emotional well-being.

Our Values

Respond to your individual needs

Empower you to have confidence in your choices 

Support you to find your way forward

Provide a safe space to be heard 

Encourage your individuality and growth 

Create an environment for change that's built on compassion 

Treat each person with dignity and respect

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