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Identity Space 

LGBTQIA+ Support, guidance, and counselling for anyone who is looking for a space to explore their gender, identity expression, sexuality and/or relationship diversity.  We understand that having an inclusive and non-judgemental service that is individual to your needs is beneficial and affirming. 


The therapists and mentors who work within this team have all either had specific training and/or have lived personal experiences of the issues that may arise for someone who is exploring their identity or personal expression.  We base the fee paid upon what your personal circumstances are, taking into account if we have any funding available to support you to access the support you need.  If your financial situation is not a concern or restriction to you being able to access support, a percentage of what you pay will go back into our project, making more help available to those who can not afford therapeutic LGBTQIA+ support without the help of additional funding. 

We are able to work with and support adults, young people, and children aged 11 years and above.  Play and talk sessions are available for younger children, along with family support and guidance. 

"Having a regular space to be my self has really helped me work out who I am. I feel more confident in my presentation now, and I care less about what others think!"
HT aged 20 Uni Student 

I did the creative mentoring with Identity Space, I loved how free this made me feel.  I have body dysphoria and having these sessions meant that for the time I was there I didnt think about it, I am on a long waiting list for a gender clinic so this has given me some head space away from how difficult things feel" GM
age 32, single parent 

I am still working things out, even though my time with Identity Space has finished now, I feel able to think more clearly about myself and how I fit into the world! BH age 15, year 10

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       Identity Space Team Members 

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SJ - Project Lead & Counsellor 

SJ is a Counsellor and Supervisor for the Essential Space agency and our community CIC projects.  They have a particular interest in working with and supporting the LGBTQIA+ community.  They embrace diversity and the freedom to express one's self without the limitations of society's expectations.  SJ works with adults, couples, families and young people seeking an affirming therapeutic GSRD space.  

Pronouns: They/Them/She 

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Toby - Volunteer Counsellor

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Jaimie -  Online Counsellor 

Jamie believes that counselling can be a great part of your support system.  He is an online Counsellor, who is passionate about providing a calm, gentle, and patient relationship for all of his clients. He deeply cares about the well-being of everyone he works with.  Jamie can provide online support for anyone who is within the LGBTQIA+ community, offering a welcoming space without judgement, to be seen and heard. 

Pronouns: He/Him

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Lisa - Project Mentor 

Lisa is a Mentor for our LGBTQIA+ projects.  They offer support to our Identity Space groups and for 1-1 guidance and support.   Lisa has a background in health and social care and has been supporting people both individually and for family 

support for over 20 years.  Lisa has a relaxed and easy approach to helping someone, no matter what that may be.  Lisa's support can be varied and bespoke to your individual needs. 

Pronouns: She/They


Jonathan - Project Counsellor 

Jonathan is a Counsellor in our team who has the motivation to get the best out of people.  He believes that we all know ourselves better than we might realise, and by providing a safe, honest and supportive environment,  you may unlock any answers or clarity that's needed.  Believing in better is his mantra, and we can all improve our well-being by exploring ourselves on a deeper level and tackling any blockages along the way.

Pronouns: He/Him

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Jo   - Project Volunteer Counsellor

Jo is a Trainee Counsellor, working with our team to gain her clinical client hours.  Jo is passionate about supporting people to identify their needs.  She has experience in working with people exploring gender and/or sexuality and the impact of transitioning.  Her background is in Psychology and has experience working with phobias and understanding behaviours.  Jo offers her safe space face-to-face and online sessions. 


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How to get in touch 


Make contact 

Getting in touch can be the hardest part for some people. 


We welcome you to reach out and start the process to receiving some support.  

Complete a contact form and we will do the rest.  Someone from our team will come back to you. 


Connecting with you 

We have several spaces we use, these are on both Cheltenham ad Gloucester.  Both are easy to find and have public transport links and parking near by or onsite. 


Once we know what your individual circumstances are we can connect you up with the right person to support you. 


Starting your Support 

Identity Space can be for anyone, this may be individuals, small groups, people in relationships with each other and/or families. 


We work with and support both adults and young people, depending on your individual needs and circumstances. 

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