We are not a profit-building company, our passion is providing inclusive support for people in Gloucestershire.  To help us do this we have structured a system where our client's needs are met and our members continue to grow professionally and support each other.  Our ethos revolves around our values and respect for each other as individuals, and our rent for the building usage is paid to the RSPCA in Cheltenham.  This gives a wonderful element to our work as practitioners, understanding that the support we share continues to help our local animals be cared for by the RSPCA.
There are a variety of ways someone can use our space, rooms are available to hire and can be booked ad-hoc hourly or for half-day or full days.  You may be planning a course or a training day where break-out rooms would be very useful, in this case, you may find hiring the whole building a better option for you.   We offer wellness workshops, classes, and courses from our larger room which opens out onto a small courtyard.  These vary in size and topic, ranging from coping techniques for overwhelming or stress, therapeutic skills, yoga and sound retreats, and creative art. All our courses and workshops focus on empowering self-awareness and personal growth. 

For regular hires, you will be given a key and a link to an online diary where you can book and manage your diary as you go. If you are booking training events or workshops we ask that you contact SJ and they will book for you ensuring that you have what you need on the day.  If you are supporting others therapeutically you may also be interested to know that at the space we have a Supervisor available, CPD training workshops, and a 6 weekly peer group that you are welcome to join. 

We offer Student Counsellors placements and support the final years of their training by offering in house supervision, both 1-1 and as a group to enhance knowledge and understanding of clients needs in a safe and professional manner.  Our clients are assessed by qualified Counsellors and each student is provided with a Clinical Lead to help manage the day to day operations of being in practice. 

To contact SJ about your bookings, event or course, contact them here today 

If you would like to join as a practitioner at Essential Space please download our joining pack here