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Her Space 


"Her Space" is a compassionate and empowering counselling service tailored exclusively for people who identify as women, offering unwavering support

throughout every stage of life's journey.


Our dedicated team of empathetic counsellors is committed to providing a therapeutic space where women can freely express their thoughts and emotions. From struggles relating to fertility and loss, the anticipation of pregnancy, navigating the complexities of birth and postnatal challenges, empty nest feelings, understanding the unique challenges faced by those living with the transitions of change, menopause, and everything else that may come your way. 


     "Her Space is a service that stands alongside women in both their triumphs and tribulations"

Our holistic approach extends beyond the conventional milestones, addressing topics like pregnancy-related loss, fertility journeys.  living childless by choice, or not by choice, postnatal and antenatal depression, birth trauma, and living with illnesses like Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovary Sndrome (PCOS).


We honour the nuanced experiences of being a woman from the beginning of the menstrual cycle into adulthood and beyond, looking to address both general health and mental health changes through all of her life's chapters.  With a focus on empowerment and resilience, our counselling service is dedicated to fostering emotional well-being, encouraging personal growth, and helping women embrace the full spectrum of their experiences with understanding, wisdom and strength.  Services offered are face-to-face counselling, online counselling, group space covering topics raised above, retreat days, workshops and general support. 


"This supportive space is more than a counselling service; it's a supportive community where every woman's journey is acknowledged, celebrated and compassionately guided"

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Could you offer your support?

We seek self-employed and volunteer practitioners who are both qualified and in training to come forward and express an interest in this program, or who wish to offer an alternative service within our community related to the above-mentioned topics.   Please complete the form below and tell us a bit about you, why you are passionate about this type of suppot, and how you would like to support us and the people using our services.  


Get in touch 

with Hannah and Jess, our Project Leads

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